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“This is a working man’s singer/songwriter. The strident tones of his voice will make you sit up and listen.”

-Chicago Acoustic Underground

“To call him a folk singer or categorize Chicago Farmer as a singer/songwriter wouldn’t be wrong. It might, however, not accentuate his commanding poetic voice and passion behind his storytelling.”

-Chicago Innerview Magazine

“My favorite discovery of last year, Chicago Farmer was near the top of my festival must see list. His songs feature a warmth and a sense of humor that recalls Arlo Guthrie along with many other of the greats in the singer-songwriter genre, though he truly does stand on his own. Featuring a sense of lyrical energy and quirky word play that can bring a smile to even the most jaded of music aficionados, his Saturday afternoon set was a highlight of the weekend. If he is ever anywhere near your hometown, I cannot urge you strongly enough to go.”

-Rex Thompson

“Chicago Farmer writes words that speak to us all, plays his guitar with a disarming simplicity, and can make you laugh and cry with the turn of a phrase and the strum of a guitar.”

–Rex Thompson

“A Chicago source of great folk music. The music was entrancing with great lyrics and songwriting. He creates the sound of love, confusion and great mystery of what is the world. One man, his guitar and harmonica making lyrically moving music which is extracted from the stage!”

-Cory Giacalone

“He combines the grassroots of folk, the swooning of blues and seals the deal with honesty + harmony. From the instant he took the stage he made a connection with the audience and by the end many fans felt more like friends.”

“Chicago Farmer ripped through one wailing, emotive Dylanesque tune after another, rousing his audience with his country-boy aesthetic mixed with city-streets mentality. This man-of-pain, salt-of-the-earth, shut-up-and-listen-to-beauty artistic theme was painted all over him, with a glaze of comic wit that rose his lyrics and passionate playing that much higher.”

–Clara Rose Homegrown Music Network

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  1. Posted February 7, 2013 at 10:07 pm | Permalink

    Hey Chicago Farmer!
    My name is Garrett Robertson and I write for McKendree Review the official paper of McKendree University in Lebanon Illinois. I wrote up an article about a show you and the Giving Tree Band played in St. Louis last year. I have here some exerts from that article. I hope they are usuable for your website, if not; I hope that they give you a feeling of flattery that you strongly deserve. I love your tunes through and through and hope to both see you in St. Louis on Feburary 15th for you CD release party and also write up a review of the event.

    On Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, two bands from Chicago came to the Old Rock House in St. Louis. I knew and loved the work of the first act, Chicago Farmer, but had never listened to the closing group, The Giving Tree Band. I rallied up two local buddies and we hit the road around 5:30 p.m.
    When my friends and I arrived Chicago Farmer was playing a song about gifts from his grandpa and grandma. The mere mention of his grandparents brought many happy and some painful thoughts to mind. My grandpa is a role model and friend of mine who has recently been fighting cancer along with the side effects including chemotherapy and surgery to rid his body of the deadly melanoma. This is one of the things in my life I try to leave behind me at a show. Though a sad reminder, I was at the same time happy to have had such amazing grandparents who I could look up to for so many years.
    I work at pizza Hut and I like to forget about work as soon as I am out the door. But Chicago Farmer doesn’t leave work alone either. Songs about working on the Illinois River, Catepillar and playing guitar reminds the audience that work isn’t always fun, but it is necessary.
    The songs written by Chicago Farmer are intended to make the listener think about life. Thought provoking issues concerning family, work, ex-girlfriends and the like make their way into his set-lists.

    Keep it up! Hope all is well!
    ~Garrett Robertson

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